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Life is full of surprises and uncertainty, so its reassuring to know that here at Wiz Warranties we are here for you when you need us, enabling you to enjoy your car, while we take care of the stress and worry associated with your wheels.

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Unrivalled expertise in car servicing, maintenance and repairs for the ultimate in peace of mind motoring.

“Don’t let driving your dream turn into a nightmare, get some Wiz Peace of mind” 

Wiz Warranties

In the UK is it is a legal requirement for a vehicle to be insured to be on the road, whilst this will cover you and your vehicle in case of damage caused in a road traffic accident or theft. It does NOT cover the dreaded visits to a mechanic in case of the car breaking down or developing a fault.

Considering the statistics its no wonder more and more people are turning to us to limit their exposure against unwelcomed surprise repair bills.

It’s a fact, by complementing your current insurance policy with a Wiz Warranty, you or your loved ones can truly experience your WHEELS WITHOUT WORRY.


Claims at Wiz.

We have a very simple three stage claims process, ensuring a fast, effective and simple claim procedure. Wherever possible, to avoid You being out of pocket, the we will settle authorised claims directly with the repairer. Please ensure You follow the claims procedure, if You do not, we may not pay Your claim.


We will make a note of Your claim and advise You of the location of Your nearest approved


Book Your Vehicle in with the repairer and give Your permission to carry out any fault finding/diagnosis or dismantling necessary.


If Your claim is accepted, an authorisation number will be issued to the repairer for the amount that will be paid under this Policy.


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Whatever your Wheels

At Wiz Warranties we are proud to be actively working with following vehicle manufacturers, so whatever wheels you have, allow us to remove any worries you may have.

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