We have a very simple three stage claims process, ensuring a fast, effective and simple claim procedure. Wherever possible, to avoid You being out of pocket, the we will settle authorised claims directly with the repairer. Please ensure You follow the claims procedure, if You do not, we may not pay Your claim.

1. Notify Us

Wiz Warranties will make a note of Your claim and advise You of the location of Your nearest approved repairer.

In order for us to pay the approved repairer directly, You (not the repairer) must notify the Us of Your claim. This must be done before You give permission to a repairer to carry out any fault finding or remedial work. Notification from a repairer of a possible claim will not be accepted by the claims team.

Call the claims team on 01273 80 73 80


2. Repairer Liason

Book Your Vehicle in with the repairer and give Your permission to carry out any fault finding/diagnosis or dismantling necessary.

Once Your Vehicle, Policy schedule and service records have been handed to the repairer they will contact the us to request approval for repairs. Failure to obtain written approval in this respect will not qualify a claim.


3. Claim Authorisation & Settlement

If Your claim is accepted, an authorisation number will be issued to the repairer for the amount that will be paid under this Policy. You are responsible for paying any amount the repairer charges over and above the authorised amount, the written pre-agreed amount between You, us and any other party. 

On completion of the repairs, the repairer must submit an invoice directly to us. The invoice must clearly show the authorisation number given, details of who we should pay and contain full details of the repairs, including details of all PART(s) used, labour and VAT. we may also need to see Your original service invoices. 

The authorisation number will only be effective for 90 days from the date it was issued and no payments will be made in respect of the authorisation number after the expiry of the 90 day period and the claim will cease to be valid without any further notice.

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